Dr Jim Adams

Founder and Patent Attorney

I am a UK and European Patent Attorney with 18 years' experience specialising in the fields of software, electronics and high-value manufacturing, including business methods, semiconductors and optics.


I founded Lean IP in 2014 after hearing more and more of my clients and prospects talking about lean. Having reached the level of six sigma black belt at Motorola, I realised that Lean IP can kill two birds with one stone - improving value for both my own clients and my clients' customers.


For my A-level project I wrote a Z80 disassembler in machine code. While an undergraduate, I developed accounts and stock control software. My PhD and subsequent research work focussed on fabrication and testing of nanometre-scale transistors and other very small structures. At Motorola I managed a semiconductor product analysis laboratory, having worked as a yield improvement engineer on a variety of products including System on Chip (SoC) devices, smartcards and microcontrollers. I was introduced to the patent profession when I needed a patent attorney to protect my own software invention.

Dr Xu Gu

Patent Scientist

I received an MSc in advanced computing science and a PhD in computational biology from the University of Glasgow. My PhD and research work was focused on mathematical modelling of biological systems, in particular on metabolism in Trypanosoma brucei, the parasite that causes African Sleeping Sickness. My subsequent research, carried out at the MRC Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh, was on image processing and 3D geometric modelling of the heart. While at the MRC I won funding from the MRC Centenary Award to study and model the development and malformations of the vertebrate limb.


I joined Lean IP in 2015 as a Patent Scientist. My aim is to help our clients at the leading edge of innovation secure protection and value from their inventions. As a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese, I am in an excellent position to assist Chinese clients in securing protection for their inventions in the West.

John Gray


I am an experienced patent attorney accustomed to dealing with a wide range of technologies. My training as a patent attorney was in a prestigious in-house department, primarily in the UK but with spells also in the Netherlands and Silicon Valley. I moved into private practice in London in 1993, moving to Glasgow in 1997. In all that time I have been securing and evaluating patents and designs for large and small clients from the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. Since 2014 I have worked as a consultant to support professional firms like Lean IP in delivering high value-added work in relation to patents and designs.


In electronics and software technologies I have worked in digital and mixed signal circuits for consumer electronics, telecoms, medical electronics, power switching and control. In physics and mechanical engineering, I have worked on a range of technologies from cutting-edge microlithography and optics to railway construction and water control. My quick technical understanding, forensic attitude and eye for detail are applied in litigation support, patent drafting, patent prosecution, opposition, licensing, due diligence and patent strategy generally. I have recently been awarded a Managing Intellectual Property “IP Star” award for 2018.


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