Maximise the value of your patents

LeanIP is a full-service patent attorney firm specialising in software, electronics and high-value manufacturing


• Inventions are valuable assets.

• Patents increase the valuations of businesses and deter their competitors.

• Protecting these valuable inventions is important.



• Our proven lean methodology maximises the value of your patents.

• Our commercially targeted patents provide optimal deterrence whilst increasing patent valuation.


• Our improved patent process more effectively protects market share and sales revenues.

• Our focused and robust patent applications deliver greater ROI and allow you to obtain granted patents more cost effectively.

Improving your Patent Experience

LeanIP is a customer-centric company


• Long and costly patent process.

• Lack of visibility and predictability of charges.

• Substandard level of customer service.


• Lean production has transformed the automotive industry - now we are transforming the patent industry.

• We adopt customer-focused lean methodologies to improve both the patent process and our service.


• Our innovative Lean Patent process saves our Clients both time and money.

• More accurate data-driven decision-making gives our Clients greater control of the patent process and their IP budget.

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