IP Audits

We conduct a tailored evaluation of the IP within your business to help you identify and maximise the opportunities it provides.

An IP Audit is a systematic review of IP owned or used by your company in accordance with your business objectives. The IP Audit can be seen as a first step towards the acquisition of cost-effective protection for your inventions and innovations. This allows you to take deliberate steps at an early stage to avoid pitfalls and resolve disputes.  

An IP Audit directs you to aspects of your technology with the most potential, protection of which maximises the commercial value to your business. To optimise the value of an IP Audit, we apply our unique IP Value mapping process to help you identify the IP that underpins the value streams in your business. Options and strategies suitable for each aspect of the IP will be carefully crafted with the intention of securing and strengthening the market position of your business.

UK Intellectual Property Office Audits

LeanIP is an experienced IP firm that provides IP Audit services under the IP Audits Plus scheme funded by the UK Intellectual Property Office. 

What We Do

Our ultimate goal is to help you identify IP assets and implement best practices in IP management to gain the best possible commercial benefits from its ownership. Your business needs and your long-term customer loyalty are what is in our mind when performing the IP Audit.

In our IP Audit report, we will

  • assess the overall IP status of your company;
  • identify IP development needs for your long-term business plan;
  • investigate aspects of the technology that are likely to be registered with the most suitable types of IP protection;
  • identify risks posed by third-party owned IP to avoid disputes and consequent expensive litigation; and 
  • recommend steps to maximise the value of your IP.

How We Do It

We will apply our unique IP Audit process to guide you through from the initial stage of consultation to the conduction of the IP Audit to the post-submission discussion for further actions. Our process, developed in collaboration with Strathclyde University, maximises the quality of the IP Audit for the benefit of your IP protection as well as your business in the long run.

During the IP Audit process, we will keep you updated on progress through meetings, phone calls and emails. We provide a procedure guide that details the key milestones at each stage of your IP Audit to ensure that you have a clear picture of the current status and next steps.

Can We Help You?

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