About Us
LeanIP is a full-service UK and European Patent Attorney firm, founded in 2014 in Glasgow. We adopt customer-focused lean methodologies to improve both the patent process and our clients' patent experience. 
We are a small boutique firm with many years of practical experience in intellectual property law. We handle all aspects of patent law from drafting and filing a patent application to litigation of patent disputes. We have a strong scientific background and advanced academic qualifications in science and engineering. We specialise in software, electronics, high-value manufacturing, nanotechnology and physics in general.
We are experts in providing IP audits funded by the UK Intellectual Property Office. In 2017, Lean IP ranked in the top 3 UK IP firms producing  these IP audits. 

Meet Our Team

We are experienced scientists and attorneys who will be fully dedicated to your case.

Dr. Jim Adams

Patent Attorney

Jim Adams is a UK and European Patent Attorney with 22 years of patent experience specialising in the fields of software, electronics and high-value manufacturing, including mechanical engineering, semiconductors and optics.

Dr. Xu Gu

Patent Scientist

Xu Gu joined LeanIP as a patent scientist in 2015. Xu is part-qualified as a UK Patent Attorney. She has an academic background in mathematical modelling and developmental biology. She is a native Mandarin speaker and fluent in English.

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