Our Lean Approach

 Lean production has transformed the automotive industry - now we are transforming the patent industry with our innovative lean approach.

Our proven lean approach aims at maximising the value of your patents to protect market share and sales revenues more effectively. Our commercially targeted patents

  • allow you to obtain granted patents more cost effectively;
  • provide optimal deterrence whilst increasing patent valuation; and
  • deliver greater ROI with more robust patents focused on value.

Our lean approach offers a more accurate data-driven decision-making strategy which gives you greater control of the patent process and your IP budget.

Professionalism and Integrity

We give honest advice to our clients. For example, if you're not ready, we may tell you to need to develop a prototype before filling, or not to file a patent application at all.

We want to get things right at the outset, to ensure time and money is not wasted further down the line.

Thorough and Effective

Before drafting a patent application, our focus is achieving an in-depth understanding of your technology so that it can be thoroughly articulated in the patent application. We search for prior art, so we can avoid spending time and effort protecting things that are not new. Our time is better spent focusing on the right invention - one that is new and commercially valuable.

Good Decisions

We request an early search upon filing.

Obtaining this feedback early on means that the decision-making process is even better informed when it comes to filing further national and international applications. A positive early search means you gain confidence that your patent will be granted. A negative early search helps you cut your losses sooner rather than later, saving you money.

Can We Help You?

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